2020 Dick’s Sporting Goods Wood Bat Classic: Powered By Marucci

2020 Dick’s Sporting Goods Wood Bat Classic:

Powered By Marucci

Event Information

Age Eligibility: 13u-18u

Determining Age Group: A player’s age on April 30 of the season will dictate his age group for that season or graduation year.

Bat Type: Wood Bat

Bamboo and Composite Bats are allowed.

Entry Fee:

13u: $400

14u-18u: $800

Gate Fee: 10/day and 20/weekend

Past Champions

June 25-28 is our most prestigious event! It’s our 6th Annual Wood Bat Classic. This event gets over 100 total teams and typically averages 16 per age group. Each team receives a bat to use from Marucci during the event. 

13u Past Champions: (2016 Blue Ridge Baseball, 2017 Elite Baseball Club, 2018 Blueprint Baseball, 2019 Common Wealth Blue Xpress)

14u Past Champions: (2015 RBI Thunder, 2016 Stealth Baseball, 2017 East TN Crusaders, 2018 East Tn Crusaders, 2019 Knox Stars)

15u Past Champions: (2015 Wolves Baseball, 2016 Kentucky Baseball Club, 2017 Elite Baseball Club, 2018 Falcon Baseball, 2019  Diamond Academy Evioshield)

16u Past Champions: (2015 Knox Blue Sox, 2016 Phoniex Black, 2017 TN Twisters, 2018 eXposure Prime, 2019 Common Wealth Baseball Blue Xpress)

18u Past Champions: (2015 Hammond Hornets, 2016 Appy Storm, 2017 Blue Grass Xpress, 2018 RBI Tri Cities, 2019 Knox New Balance)

Individual Showcase

We have an individual player showcase Thursday, June 25, 2020, as well. We have spaces for players from 14 to 18 years old. Click here to learn more about it and register: NET Elite Summer Showcases.

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